Toolkit for Employees suspended from work: Documents & Guidance


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    Your essential toolkit of documents and guidance to use when you are suspended from work.

    Contained in the toolkit are the following documents:

    1. Guidance on your rights when suspended (pdf)

    2. Letter 1 – Template requesting information following your suspension (word document)

    3. Guidance notes to accompany letter 1 (pdf)

    4. Letter 2 – Template letter follow up chasing a response to Letter 1 (word document)

    5. Guidance notes to accompany letter 2 (pdf)

    6. Letter 3 – Template letter requesting review of your suspension and return to work date (word document)

    7. Guidance notes to accompany letter 3 (pdf)

    8. Grievance Template document to enable you to prepare your own grievance about suspension and treatment whilst suspended (word document)

    9. Steps to take when preparing your defence to a disciplinary allegation (pdf)


    All for just £36 (includes VAT at 20%)

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