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Applying for a Job: What to do if reasonable adjustments are required

Did an employer have to adjust its recruitment process for an applicant with a disability?  Yes, said the Employment Appeal Tribunal in a recent case, upholding the Tribunal’s decision that a job applicant with Asperger’s syndrome had been discriminated against in the recruitment process applied by the Government Legal Service. This case highlights that employer’s […]

The Right to be Accompanied

 Is the refusal of your choice of companion in an investigation meeting a breach of contract?  In a recent case decided by the High Court the question of the right to be accompanied was once again before the Courts. There have been several cases lately regarding this right of employees and its application. The Law […]

Dismissal for posts on Facebook

 Can you be dismissed for posts on Facebook made during personal time?  Social Media is a developing area of technology in itself and as more and more people are engaging with social media the instances of issues arising in the Employment Tribunal is increasing. There are no hard and fast rules about how the employment […]

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